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GardenGuard™ All Round Plant Protection Tunnel
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GardenGuard All Round Tunnel

The new way of crop protection  – No sticks! No mess! Access your crops in seconds! 

With GardenGuard you can boost growing and acheive amazing results. Growing your own has never been as satisfying.



All about GardenGuard

Now, at last, there is a better way to protect your precious plants.

It’s called a GardenGuard, and a single structure will cover an area up to 3m long, 1.5m broad and 0.8m high.

The whole thing goes up in a few seconds!



With GardenGuard there are no limits!

The module can be extended to any length by inserting extension panels which simply zip into the main module in 1.1m long sections (available separately).

The beauty of the GardenGuard system is the ease of assembly – you can protect a whole row of crops against pests in just a few moments, and remove the cover just as easily.

If you want to leave the cover in place, all areas of the crop can be reached simply by opening a tent-sized zip, putting an end to pest damaged crops!



Stop bird damage.......                               ... protect from rabbits & other animals.



No more insect damage.......                    .....or slug attacks!


The All Round Cover is made from a fine mesh which will allow transmission of light, air and water but give protection from hail, strong sun, winds and heavy rain. The mesh will not provide total frost cover but raises the temperature around the plants slightly during winter, and has a cooling effect by slight shading during summer.


The mesh also protects against birds, pets and children as well as insect pests.


RRP £44.95


For further information on how to grow amazing vegetables, visit the GardenGuard UK website.





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