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Green And Black ITZ Arm Wallet
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If you haven't heard of Itz™ where have you been ? They are the hottest must have item of 2011.

The Itz™ Arm Wallet is taking the world by storm. No matter what activity your doing you can keep all your vaulables safe with this multi functional yet fun fashion accessory, designed to be worn on the forearm, freeing up your hands while you walk, run, gym, cycle, dance, shop, ski, skate,or travel you name it there is an Itz™ Wallet to suit your needs.

Use it to store your cards, change, cell phone , MP3 player, passport or camera, the Itz™ arm wallet is available in a variety of innovative designs and colours and can even be branded with your own companies logo making it a perfect corporate gift or product launch.

Made of the highest quality neoprene and is lined with a perspiration absorbent fabric thus allowing for breathability.

The Itz™ Arm Wallet is perfect for running, cycling,skating,sports,hiking,outdoor activities,festivals you name it there is a wallet for every occasion.

This wallet size is SMALL MEN or MEDIUM LADIES